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Marine Administrative (MARADMIN) message 521/14, updates the enlisted professional military education (PME) promotion requirements by grade. The Marine Corps releases monthly "promotion authority" MARADMIN messages for active duty promotions to corporal and sergeant (e.g., MARADMIN 076/15)..

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Air Force Handbook 1, Airman, is the source document for all enlisted promotion study guides. Enlisted promotion study guides contain content that is used as study reference material, and is the same material used to develop the Promotion Fitness (PFE) and USAF Supervisory (USAFSE) examinations. Information in the study guides is tailored to. Aug 17, 2021 . Air Force Releases ....

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(11 days ago) waps promotion calculator air force. 34 years and time-in-service was 18.Pick your test year, the dates you came in and sewed on your rank, medal points, EPRs, estimated board score (if you're a SNCO), last year's cutoff based.. Air Force Personnel Center April 1 at 1:18 PM . Master Sergeant (22E7) Promotion Cycle File Freeze is 15 April 22 The 22E7 ....

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